American Plumbing & Heating Chooses Solect to “Get More Green” at Norwell Headquarters

Published May 01, 2012

American Plumbing & Heating Chooses Solect to “Get More Green” at Norwell Headquarters

DATE PUBLISHED: May 01, 2012

217 KW Solar System will be one of the largest of its kind on the South Shore

NORWELL, MA — American Plumbing & Heating, one of the largest commercial plumbing and fire protection contractors in Massachusetts, has commissioned Solect Energy Development, LLC, to deploy a 217 KW solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy system atop its headquarters in Norwell, MA. The system is one of the largest solar projects on the South Shore to date.

American, which oversees the design and construction of piping projects for universities, medical institutions, sports venues, biotech, pharmaceutical companies, and other prominent New England businesses, will offset 100 percent of its electricity usage at its 43,000-square-foot facility via solar.

“American Plumbing & Heating has the foresight and ideal building for solar, and we’re very interested in lowering our operational costs,” said Joseph F. Clancy, president of American Plumbing & Heating. “The green benefits plus the financial incentives make the decision to invest in solar a no brainer.”

American is able to take advantage of attractive state and federal tax incentives that help make renewable energy projects affordable for building owners. These include SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates), which are earned by solar system owners based on the amount of energy they generate via solar. SRECs are ultimately purchased by electricity providers in Massachusetts to help meet their state-mandated goals of a percentage of power coming from solar. This is a good revenue stream for those property owners deploying solar solutions.

“With this solar project, American Plumbing & Heating is taking a leadership role amongst businesses on the South Shore, where solar installations have been slower than the rest of the state,” said Ken Driscoll, principal at Solect. “American understands both the financial and the ‘green’ benefits of solar energy, and is demonstrating their commitment to the environment, and to their employees, partners and clients.”

“Solect did a good job of showing us very early in the process how this solar project will not only eliminate our electricity costs, but also generate revenue,” said Clancy. “That sealed the deal for us.”

This is just the latest step APH is taking toward being an environmentally responsible green company. In addition to recycling 100% of their paper, cardboard and plastic waste, they have also incorporated several other energy- and water-saving solutions. All of the bathroom fixtures in the building are electronic actuated with low-flow design and all offices are equipped with occupancy sensors to control lighting. The warehouse lighting was recently upgraded with individual occupancy sensors, and energy-efficient high output lamping.

“Joe Clancy was very open-minded from the start and eager to learn more about solar and how it could benefit his business,” said Paula Gibson, South Shore Business Developer for Solect. “Other successful business owners of large scale commercial buildings can learn a lot from this installation.”