Fore Kicks Goes Solar – Meets Business Objectives and Gains Energy Independence

Published March 06, 2012

Fore Kicks Goes Solar – Meets Business Objectives and Gains Energy Independence

DATE PUBLISHED: March 06, 2012

Solar PV systems in Marlborough, Norfolk to significantly reduce electric costs for indoor/outdoor sporting complexes

MARLBORO, MA – Fore Kicks, which owns two of the largest indoor/outdoor sporting complexes in Massachusetts, has signed with Solect Energy Development LLC to deploy solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy systems in its Norfolk and Marlborough, MA, locations. The systems together total nearly 600 KW of electricity and will power close to 100% of Fore Kicks annual energy consumption.

Fore Kicks’ Marlborough facility, which opened in late 2009, boasts multipurpose fields and courts, meeting and exercise rooms, as well as several outdoor, lighted artificial turf fields. A 302 KW roof-mounted system will offset the electrical costs of the 130,000-square-foot facility. The Norfolk facility has 85,000 square feet of indoor space, including multipurpose fields and courts, a 10-bay indoor driving range, and a nine-hole outdoor golf course. A 282 KW roof-mounted solar PV system will be deployed in Norfolk.

Fore Kick Rooftop Solar

For Fore Kicks President and CEO Tom Teager, using solar to power his buildings has been in his plans from the beginning, and fits nicely into the company’s ongoing green initiatives. “We always wanted to go solar, and the buildings were designed with that in mind, but it was a matter of waiting for it to make economic sense – for the costs to come down and the panels to become more efficient,” Teager said. “Solect was the perfect partner in this. They supported us through the entire process – from the feasibility assessment to the bank approval process and so on. The personal attention and professionalism we received was great.”

This is not the first green initiative for Fore Kicks; the Marlborough facility was designed and built to be highly energy efficient, and the Norfolk facility was retrofitted to meet these same goals. Each facility uses energy-efficient lighting systems (LED is being explored) and HVAC systems, and the facilities have adopted on-site recycling programs for the thousands of visitors each building receives weekly. Even the buildings’ placement on their 25-acre parcels was optimized for solar via a North-South orientation.

“Fore Kicks provides a perfect case study on how building and facility owners can really embrace the concept of solar energy,” said Ken Driscoll, principal at Solect. “With these two deployments, Fore Kicks will be able to rely nearly exclusively on solar for their electricity needs, including lighting their outdoor fields, golf course and parking lots for extended use during the outdoor season.”