Guest Blog: IMPACT Melanoma & Sunscreen Awareness

Published May 08, 2017

Guest Blog: IMPACT Melanoma & Sunscreen Awareness

DATE PUBLISHED: May 08, 2017
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As the leading commercial-scale solar developer and installer in Massachusetts, Solect employs hundreds of installers throughout the year, ensuring a safe operating environment; from hard hats to safety railings - we always have the  bases covered. As May is Melanoma Awareness month, we are reminded that one unassuming threat installers encounter every day is actually the reason they’re on the roof to begin with: the sun.
Just as the sun is powerful enough to supply us with boundless renewable energy, it’s also powerful enough to negatively impact the health of many. This synergy is the driving motivator for our partnership with IMPACT Melanoma, the authors of this week’s blog post.

IMPACT Melanoma, a national non-profit aimed at reducing the incidence of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is committed to sun-safety.  Recently, IMPACT Melanoma conducted an independent national survey of 1,016 adults inquiring about the frequency of sunscreen application by season, sunscreen preference and opinions about free public sunscreen.

The results were in some ways anticipated with 86 percent of participants using sunscreen “always” or “sometimes” in the summer months, but also surprising, finding a near complete reversal of use between summer and fall, lower use of sunscreen in Southern states despite the warmer climates, and a concerning lack of use among African Americans, even in summer months.

As a proud partner of Solect Energy for the last 5 years, IMPACT Melanoma works to educate their team in best practices for safe sun behavior.  As outdoors workers, the Solect construction team is exposed daily to harmful UV rays, but protecting yourself is fairly easy.

Here are some great tips on how anyone can practice sun-safe skin:

  • Wear SPF 30 or above regularly, especially when outdoors, using a full 1 ounce portion to cover all exposed parts of your body
  • Be sure to rub the sunscreen in thoroughly and to reapply every two hours
  • Wear a hat, protective clothing and sunglasses
  • Don’t forget the tops of your ears, feet and back of the hands!

Remember that it is important to protect yourself all year long, as the sun’s harmful UV rays are always present.

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming sun safety event!

To learn more about sun safety for outdoor workers, we encourage you to check out our Melanoma Awareness page. Remember don't wait, get it checked!