[NEREJ Feature] Solar & Cannabis in Massachusetts

Published August 01, 2017

[NEREJ Feature] Solar & Cannabis in Massachusetts

DATE PUBLISHED: August 01, 2017
Category: Blog Article

In Massachusetts and across the country, the medicinal and recreational cannabis industry is growing rapidly, creating a wealth of business opportunities in construction, indoor agriculture, agri-tech, security, bio-sciences and … energy.

On July 28th Governor Charlie Baker signed the Massachusetts Marijuana Compromise Bill, a revision of the voter-passed recreational marjauana law, green lighting the industry to move ahead with recreational retail sales by July 1, 2018.

The signing of this bill will spur rapid growth of cannabis cultivation across the state. The energy demands of indoor growing facilities are enormous and solar can help marijuana growers operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and lower emissions.

Continue reading excerpts from Solect Energy's Senior Vice President Scott Howe’s article in the July issue of NEREJ to learn more about the the numerous energy challenges the cannabis industry faces , and how solar is the perfect solution to overcome many of these hurdles. 

For the complete article in NEREJ, click the link below to access the article.