Solar Insights: Q&A with Jerry Velona from Elite Envelope

Published December 06, 2016

Solar Insights: Q&A with Jerry Velona from Elite Envelope

DATE PUBLISHED: December 06, 2016
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“We will continue to invest in our employees and give them the best tools available to ensure the ongoing success of our company.”

- Jerry Velona, Elite Envelope



Jerry Velona, Executive VP Jerry Velona, Executive VP


Headquartered in Randolph, MA Elite Envelope has provided companies in New England and across the United States with direct mail and financial printing for over fourteen years. The locally-owned company manufactures and supplies all types of commercial envelopes to over 400 current customers.  The new solar array is the company’s biggest, most recent venture in its sustainability efforts and Elite is looking forward to the benefits derived from making the switch to solar energy.


Can you tell us a little bit about what your company does? When was it founded?

Founded in December 2003, Elite Envelope & Graphics, Inc is a full-service converter, manufacturer, and printer of commercial envelopes and direct mail printing. We are a locally owned and managed small business and employ 27 people. Essentially, we take previously printed sheets and convert them into envelopes. We also make and print envelopes for a wide range of businesses including financial institutions, greeting card companies, nonprofit fundraising, and direct marketers. In addition, we produce the components that go inside the envelope on our web presses.

What prompted you to initially explore solar for your business?

We own our own building and have needed a new roof for many years.  We investigated installing solar panels as a way to help finance the new roof and save money on our monthly electric bill, which is substantial. Adding the panels was a perfect opportunity to offset the substantial cost of the roof repair.

What were the main reasons you decided to install solar?

We saw an opportunity in the state and federal financial incentives and tax benefits that allowed us to lower our operating costs while simultaneously improving our property. The need to replace our roof also was a big motivator. It enabled us to improve our property as efficiently as possible. It was a win-win situation.

Why did you choose Solect as your solar partner?

We were impressed by your representative and his ability to educate us on the process and the potential benefits associated with installing an array. We also received positive recommendations from others who have dealt with Solect which helped make the decision easier.

What were your energy costs before installing solar? And after?

Our monthly electric bill averages around $3,500. We expect it will be much lower after the solar panels are in operation. We believe that the costs should be reduced by about half which, for a business our size is a major benefit.

Does your company have other environmental initiatives in place?

We recycle tons of scrap paper every week. We also use primarily soy-based inks for printing which are much more environmentally friendly than conventional petroleum-based inks in addition to printing more accurate colors and making the paper it is printed on easier to recycle as well.  All chemicals used in our manufacturing process are disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

How does your company plan to utilize the savings gained from solar?

We will continue to invest in our employees and give them the best tools available to ensure the ongoing success of our company. The savings from the array will increase our available capital which will aid our employees in addition to our building and our viability overall.