Solect Energy Development, LLC, helps revive farm after tornado tears through Brimfield

Published March 28, 2013

Solect Energy Development, LLC, helps revive farm after tornado tears through Brimfield

DATE PUBLISHED: March 28, 2013

BRIMFIELD, MA- March 28, 2013 – Hollow Brook Farm of Brimfield, Mass., whose landscape and barn were completely altered as a tornado hit Western Massachusetts in June 2011, has worked with Solect Energy Development, LLC, to install a 8.08 kW solar panel photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy system on its newly replaced barn.

Hollow Brook Farms, sitting on 110 acres of land, saw its fair share of damage after the tornado went through Brimfield, and farm’s owner, Ron Weston, was eager to rebuild his barn and business. Hopkinton-based Solect played a major role in recovery assistance, installing a solar system to reduce the costs of running the farm. Solect installed a 9kW DC solar system, which will produce enough electricity to supply two average-sized homes. The solar system is providing electricity for the barn, the farm’s Christmas store, as well as for the family’s home.

The affordability of this project came through tax grants and rebates that were allocated to take care of 50% of the cost of the solar system. The federal tax grant helped offset the cost by 30%, while the other 20% of the system’s cost was offset by a special Massachusetts rebate, which was offered due to Hollow Brook Farm being within a natural disaster area. With 50% of the costs taken care of, and the amount of benefits that come alongside the solar panel installation, Hollow Brook Farms was enthusiastic about the use of solar energy.

Although it has almost been two years since the tornado tore through Brimfield, the Westons are still completing repairs. Despite the amount of work that remains, Mr. Weston was very enthusiastic about the benefits Solect’s solar system will bring to them. “I’ve thought about [solar] as a new and upcoming trend, I just was not sure if it was feasible with us living in the valley,” he said. ”Now, with everything installed, I know the money I have invested will come back to me. It was well worth it.”

For Solect, this project was largely in part about giving back to the community. Solect, Partner, Steve Bianchi, stated, “Mr. Weston had mentioned he was interested in solar energy and completing a project on his new barn he was constructing. I was so impressed with the positive attitude this man had, given all that he went through. I knew Solect could provide him with a great solution while helping him obtain all of the government incentives and subsidies possible to ensure this became a great investment for his family and business.”

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