Solect Heads to Haiti with Be Like Brit

Published September 12, 2014

Solect Heads to Haiti with Be Like Brit

DATE PUBLISHED: September 12, 2014

As a renewable energy company, we get the opportunity to “do good” for the environment all the time by working with companies in New England to deploy solar energy solutions. One of our next projects, however, takes us much further south and has much deeper meaning.

On September 13, a team from Solect will be traveling to Haiti to donate and install a solar system atop the “B’ shaped Be Like Brit orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti. The orphanage is a tribute to the spirit of Britney Gengel, a 19-year-old student from Massachusetts, who while volunteering at a local orphanage in Haiti, was killed when a devastating earthquake struck the country in January 2010. Her family worked tirelessly to honor Brit’s memory by making one of her dreams come true: opening an orphanage to serve the children of Haiti.

Because the costs of building and operating an orphanage are high, Solect and its partners are donating the solar PV system to help the orphanage reduce it operating expenses, ensuring that more of the non-profit’s donations can be used to provide care for the children, instead of paying for lighting and HVAC.  Solect, along with Downing Electric, will be sponsoring two solar installation team members who will travel to Haiti to help with the system installation.

Ed and Keith Solect Solar Ed Kelly from Solect and Keith O'Regan of Downing Electric will be traveling to the Be Like Brit Orphanage in Haiti to install the solar energy system.

Be Like Brit Orphanage The "B" shaped Orphanage built in Brit Gengel's memory.








We’ll be posting updates and photos from the installation as it progresses. In the meantime, more information about how you can help Be Like Brit can be found on the organization’s website.